How Conceptmeister Works

Take a photo or pick up an image from the Gallery, select the text area and press "Get the concepts" button.

The selected image area is being recognized by Google technology. The recognized text is being processed by Intellexer API in the following stages:

  • Spellchecking
  • Language recognition
  • Concept extraction
  • Text summarization

After short data processing you will get text concepts and its summary. Tap "Concepts" and "Summary" to switch between pages.

Try to select several concepts to view the related sentences.

Here you will see the text key sentences. You can adjust the summary from 3 up to 30 sentences.

You can manage your History and use Search.

Swipe the element left to View source or Delete.

There are also two more options to get concepts analysis and summary: from a URL and from Document.

To analyze a web page, just copy a page URL to the clipboard and press "From URL" button.

You can also get concepts analysis from cloud documents: press "From Document" button and pick some document from Drop Box, One Drive or Google Drive.