What is Conceptmeister?

Conceptmeister is an app developed by EffectiveSoft for quick text analysis. Just take a photo of any text page and get comprehensive concepts and text summary. Use our app to get text main ideas instead of reading long articles or documents. With Conceptmeister app you can analyze web pages, any documents and share analysis results. Our team guarantees high quality of text analysis due to Intellexer API - an intelligent linguistic cloud service that enables to embed intellectual semantic tools in any applications and web-services.

How to Use

The principle of how Conceptmeister works is simple. Choose a source document for analysis: from a photo, from a URL or from Document. After short data processing you will get the text key concepts and its summary.

Main Features
  • Recognizes text from a photo.
  • Extracts concepts.
  • Shows the selected concept in the text.
  • Enables users to choose multiple concepts.
  • Provides text summary.
  • Lets users adjust summary length.
  • Supports History and Search